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– Don’t worry – my book doesn’t require you to be an expert cook or know anything about cooking Japanese food! All you need is the ability to follow step-by-step directions! In no time at all you’ll be cooking Japanese recipes just like the restaurants! I’ll show you the top secret restaurant recipes in minutes!

If you’re anything like me, you will LOVE Japanese food. It’s delicious, relatively healthy, and fun to eat. The way it is prepared into cute little bite sized sushi or sashimi, and how the ingredients have been carefully selected, not only to give the best taste, but also the most optimum nutrition that your body needs. And it’s low carb too! Every single dish is an art form packed with nutrition! It’s simply ingenious!

My name is YouLin and for much of my life I have dedicated myself to learning the art of Japanese cuisine. I can still remember when over 10 years ago I started as a dish-washer in a local Japanese restaurant. I decided right there and then that I would become the head chef one day. Fast forward to 10 years later and I was the head chef at a prestigious Japanese restaurant. In no time at all I was cooking the best Japanese food in the restaurant, training new chefs, and loving life.

After much advice from friends in the restaurant business and family I decided to create a compilation of my top taste of Japanese home recipes specifically designed to make from your home. These aren’t rehashed or common taste of home recipe that you can find anywhere online, these are specifically written by me and have been used to serve patrons in top Japanese restaurants.

It’s no clue why people all over the world crave Japanese food on a daily basis. I’ve spent the better part of a decade studying Japanese cuisine and I’m ready to share with you all my top recipes and techniques for cooking Japanese food. It’s my belief that any person should be able to enjoy Japanese food from the comfort of their own home for a low cost.

For a limited amount of buyers I’m going to reveal every single recipe in A Touch of YouLin’s Japanese Kitchen – A Low Carb Cookbook as well.

‚A Touch of YouLin’s Japanese Kitchen‘ is a 136 page premium Japanese taste of home cookbook. The cookbook has over 108 Japanese best taste of home recipes that YouLin has compiled over a period of 10 years. With recipes made up entirely of ingredients relatively easy to find in the West, YouLin gives you the real taste of Japanese home cooking. Each recipe is fully laid out with exact ingredients, measurements, steps, and pictures! You will not be left in the dark about ANYTHING. As long as you can follow directions you can be cooking up top dishes I cooked in expensive Japanese restaurants from the comfort of your own home!

These recipes have been designed to allow you to cook premium restaurant style Japanese food in best taste of home recipes from the comfort of your own home!

But there’s more! Along with my complete Japanese taste of home cookbook, I’ve included two bonus offers valued at $58.00 due to your purchase today!

With your purchase today you’ll receive YouLin’s Japanese Cooking Glossary. You’ll have a quick an easy way to search for any type of Japanese utensil, sauce, or type of food. This glossary makes cooking Japanese food idiot proof!

Fruits and Vegetables are a vital part of being healthy. In this guide you will be exposed from A-Z to the wonderful world of Fruit and Vegetable juices. You’ll learn what you need to make fruit and vegetable juices as well as delicious recipes you’ll be sure to love!

You can’t go wrong starting to add Fruit and Vegetable juices into your life right now!

…You Could Start Cooking Delicious Taste Of Home Japanese Food Minutes From Now… No Matter What Your Experience Level Is!

This is not a "basic cookbook" with recipes that can be found anywhere online. These are special recipes that I have used for years as being a head chef in an upscale Japanese restaurant. Both the experienced chefs and the beginner in the field of cooking can derive the benefits from the cookbook. I’ve made my special recipes in an easy-to-follow package so that a person of any experience level can enjoy delicious restaurant-style Japanese food with the original taste of home from the comfort of home.

Although, I have been working as a Chef in Japanese restaurant for 15 years, I was totally attracted by the recipes and tips that YouLin shared in the eBook. I really appreciate and I think I can make use of most recipes in my daily Japanese cooking now.

– Just imagine in just minutes, you will be able to cook All These Delicious Japanese Food with my easy to follow taste of home recipes from the comfort of your own home! –

Here are some of the examples of the best taste of home recipes inside the cookbook:

I like that his recipes are so easy to follow. His dishes are simple yet elegant and delectable. Here are some of the dishes I have tried…

Never thought I could ever make this one. Egg custards seem very complicated to prepare but I was surprised at how easy it was.

Wow… A Touch of YouLin’s Japanese Kitchen recipe book is truly amazing! It’s like a touch of magic in my own kitchen!

Thanks to A Touch of YouLin’s Japanese Kitchen, my family can now enjoy affordable Japanese cuisine whenever we like, right in the comfort of our own home!

I made Japanese egg rolls and rolled sushi with your step-by-step guide. It was so delicious and all done so quickly too! My friends were so impressed! Unbelievable! Thanks…

I heard Japanese rice balls before and always think of trying the dish…

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