The Original and Strictly Unofficial Tauren Chef

Now You Can Bring That Delicious World of Warcraft® Cooking From the Virtual World to the Real World of Your Own Dinner Table!

You’ve fought like a Tauren and died like a Tauren (and probably taken more than a few with you,) so why not eat like a Tauren? In real life. Why should you only be able to eat Poached Sunsdcale Salmon in-game? You’ve seen Delicious Cave Mold dropping here and there, but what’s it really like?

There’s now a cookbook that takes the exotic, interesting, and sometimes weird (that stew uses what?!?) recipes found in your favorite MMOs (such as World of Warcraft®, Ultima Online®, Star Wars Galaxies®, etc.) and brings them into the real world.

Take that stack of spider legs you’ve been collecting, grab a copy of The Original and Stricly Unoffical Tauren Chef Cookbook, and make real food to feed to your real world gamer clan!

Now you and your gang of raiders/pirates (say, "Arrr!",) your guild, or your favorite Elite Chef can dine IRL (In Real Life) on all your favorite MMO foods like Beer Basted Boar Ribs and Spellpower Cookies.

Just picture it- your brave crew of weary warriors, casters, and cannon fodder gathers around the campfire after slaying that boss and his horde (again,) and what do all of you want? Some limp wimpy green salad? NO! You want comfort food! Hot and tasty DragonBreath Chili, Seasoned Wolf Kabobs, or Roast Raptor are just the stuff these crusaders need to banish the fatigue and get back to slaying!

So how to get this delicious food for yourself and your crew? Maybe you could consult your quest log for these recipes, or hope something edible drops from that wild bird thing over there, or you could do a quest that has you cross two continents and five time zones in search of the rare "purple egg with spots."

But there’s a better solution: The Original Tauren Chef Cookbook features over 60 delicious recipes inspired by games such as the insanely popular MMORPG World of Warcraft®. Appetizers, main course, breads, desserts, it’s all there and it’s all ready for you to prepare for your real world crew. Why it’s even approved by Ninjoo, our Tauren Shaman Gourmet, and Miyo, our local (Human) Warlock!

"This non-player found the Tauren Chef Cookbook both different & engaging. Such rare & unusual foods: Dig-rat stew, Ravager dogs, Roast raptor etc. The directions are clearly written – the pictures look real and yummy! Any mother or significant other should be delighted to have these MMO-inspired dishes to tempt his/her players – a nice change from Pizza! "

H. Read, ret. librarian and Cookbook collector. El Cerrito, CA

But once the adults (who like to cook) started getting into the game and the World of Warcraft® cooking system, well… things changed. There are lots of in-game recipes which are very similar to real world dishes. For example, there’s that Spice Bread recipe that all new WoW players get when they pickup the cooking skill. Naturally, a few other more exotic recipes just begged to be brought into the real world – Gooey Spider Cake, for one.

A few dishes along the lines of, oh… say, Savory Deviate Delight – weren’t quite as obvious. (What is a deviate fish, anyway???) We used halibut, which does look a little strange if you’ve ever seen a live one, and which is also quite savory, and now there’s a real world Savory Deviate Delight. We made similar substitutions elsewhere, one of which went into our own creation: Strawberry-Murloc Pie.

Somewhere along the way the idea of a cookbook filled with in-game recipes arose and that’s what you see here. A whole bunch of fun cooking and good eating was had by all and we think you’ll feel the same!

Don’t worry if your real life cooking skills have been somewhat neglected. Many of our recipes are designed for the person whose cooking skills are right around the "microwave pizza for dinner" level. Expand your tastes and have something for dinner that, in game, would eat you.

More highly experienced cooks will also find gold (delicious and fun cooking) in the Tauren Chef Cookbook. With recipes and techniques for Nightfin Soup, Rainbow Fin Albacore, and Mag’har Grainbread even a master cook would find this eCookbook to be a fabulous quest reward.

Here are just a few of the many things you’ll discover in addition to the secret recipes in this ebook:

You say you can barely boil water, let alone cook a full meal? Never fear! While some of these recipes require a journeyman or better cooking skill, many others were created just for people with ZERO cooking skill. The step by step instructions and great pictures will have any cook leveling up in no time.

You’ll finally have a reason to use those spider legs you’ve been collecting. Remember, we provide step-by-step directions and plenty of tips for low level cooks. You’ll be making delicious spidery dishes in no time!

The eCookbook is GREAT. I love the game references along with the food pictures. I feel like I’m playing while cooking. The recipes are simple enough yet tasty. Though I haven’t played Warcraft® (I’ve played Everquest over a year, plus DDO), it really was a marvelous taste of the experience.

-Lorraine (avid gamer & easy recipe cook) Moutain View, CA Everything Nindendo Wii

Buy a copy for your Mom, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, or any other loved one who isn’t afraid to brave the terrors of the kitchen. They’ll have to make you something just to show their gratitude, right?

And if that doesn’t work, buy a copy for yourself! There are recipes in this cookboook that even a Newb like you can make and look like a star chef! Maybe even a Tauren Chef? And don’t miss the helpful tips contained in the section on "How to Level up Your Cooking Skill IRL (In Real Life.)"


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