Tip$ and Techniques that will give you the experience that will put you on top of the Private Party Bartending stage! Everything you need to know in order to become the skillful and Back by Popular Demand Bartender!

My experience in bartending has been grand but it all started when I learned from the best. The Academy of Professional Bartending in New Rochelle, NY. Learn from the Pros!

“"Steven Prince was the rock star of our Holiday Party. He provided phenomenal service to our employees with a smile on his face the entire night. I highly recommend him for your next social event!" Busy Bee Cleaning Service 1123 Broadway, Ste 902 New York, NY 10010”

“"I have learned so much from reading ‚ How to make Big Buck$ Bartending at Private Partie$‘. I have experienced hands on training with Steven Prince at parties and he has the patience and grace to teach me and handle a party of 200 people. He tells me he is so impressed with all that I have learned and applied! Queens, NY”

“My wife and I purchased a large home and spent quite a bit of time and money on designing a beautiful pool and patio area. Each year we like to share this with our friends and family in the form of a large fourth of July party. Each year we made the party bigger and better and upon the recommendation we decided to add a bartender to the party. Needless to say the first year we had a bartender at the party things didn’t go as smoothly as we wanted. The bartender wasn’t able to make all of the party themed drinks we wanted and we weren’t on the same page with each other. I had to leave the party several times as we ran out of mixes, alcohol and other bar supplies. Throughout the night the bartender complained about the area where the bar was situated as well as the lighting. At the end of the night, the guests felt a bartender was a great addition but this one didn’t work out that well. The following year we hired Steve and things couldn’t have worked out better. Steve drove up to the house two months prior to the party to meet with us and go over the entire party layout. He asked questions and listened to ideas. We went over ever detail possible from the location of the bar to the lighting and supplies needed. Over the next month Steve sent me a list of all of the drinks he likes to make and other one’s he experiments with. Steve took the guess work out of the party planning by sending us an entire list of everything we needed for the party. The list contained the amount and types of alcohol needed, along with any mixes, sours, limes, lemons, cherries and any other items even down to the cups and shot glasses. We discussed the equipment I had and the amount of people who would be attending the party. Steve checked in weeks and days prior to the party and arrived a full hour prior to our scheduled time. He worked from 6 until 1 am and the results were a smashing success. Never once did we run out of supplies and people were walking around the party with a variety of hard to make and fun party drinks. The party was great and the addition of a professional bartender helped make the party an unforgettable one. We will never have another party without Steve! Putnam Valley, NY ”

“ I would like to take a moment and share my opinion on not only a former student of mine but also what turned out to be a great friendship. I have had the pleasure of knowing Steven Prince for five years and I am the owner of the Academy of Professional Bartending School in New Rochelle. Steve had enrolled back in 2009. He had explained that even though he had some bartending experience under his belt, he wanted to expand on both his knowledge, skills and techniques. From the start, Steve exhibited not only great enthusiasm, but a witty and charming personality that made the class quite enjoyable for me. Throw in a keen sense of humor and you have the makings of an exceptional bartender. He was a hit with all the students offering them advice while he practiced with them. Steve graduated top of the class and wanted to specialize in private events and parties. I had given Steve his 1st event lead, a corporate party at the Marriott Marquis in NYC. I was later contacted by the host on what an outstanding bartender Steve was. Since then I have referred Steve’s services time and time again. I have had on a few occasions; past customers calling requesting Steve’s services and his only. He has built himself a very nice following of people and is always in demand come the holidays. Steven is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable man. I have always known him to be an organized, responsible, and easy going individual. And it is because of his diverse talents and personality I have hired Steve as a part time instructor. His rapport with the students as well as the quality training they leave here with because of him is second to none. He is an energetic and enthusiastic person and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any event that may come his way. Sincerely, Dennis J. Ryan The Academy of Professional Bartending School "Teaching REAL NY Style Bartending-1 Bartender at a Time!" 914-813-8660.”

“I have known Steven Prince for many years and two things for sure about Steven is he is very determined and very generous. When he suggested to me we should take up bartending a few years back, I agreed. We both graduated from the Academy of Professional Bartending in New Rochelle, NY. We bartended a number of parties together; the biggest one was…

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